Mathew Watson
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Mathew Watson

About This Project

Nickname: Rucola 

Age: 41

Lives: South London

Instagram: @rucola_63

Career highlights:

– 1st 2015 Mash Alleycat London

– 2nd Cemetery Alleycat London 2015

– 2nd London Calling 2016

– 1st gnarpark III 1st 2017

– 4th Monstertrack 2018 – 1st out of towner

– 3rd Monstertrack 2019 – 1st out of towner 

– 2nd London Calling 2019

Mat started cycling seriously in 2009. “I soon found that cycling became something that gave significant physical and mental benefits.” 8 years ago Mat quit his job as a personal trainer and became a bike messenger, taking part in street races in his spare time. Before he knew it he was addicted and on the startline of the Red Hook Crit. In 2017 after riding for and with a number of different teams Mat decided to take the next step and start One Life Cycle with Germain Burton. The idea of the team was about removing the stigma of elitism from cycling and to make it all inclusive. One Life Cycle is built upon this philosophy. “Sport provides the perfect environment to push yourself to the limits both individually and as a group. Our team is dedicated to not only doing our very best at every race we enter, but to also be positive role models to the youths  and people that we interact with. I think it’s important that people remember why they ride bikes, and that’s to have fun.”

2019 was a milestone in Mat’s career. After completing Thundercrit Velopark he decided that he would step back from racing and take a management role within the team. He realised that his team is now strong enough to compete and win in world class events. “With Artisan Werks our goal is to dominate races around the globe spreading the message of all inclusivity and well being.”

In 2020 Mat will continue to target specific races. These being Monstertrack, Rad race Last Man Standing and Dijon Criterium. Who knows what else is in store!?