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About Us

Everybody loves an underdog. You root for them. Cheer on their success; are thrilled when they actually make it. One Life Cycle captured numerous fans on their ride, but following the success of our inaugural racing season, with a Win in the Minet Crit, a top 5 at Thundercrit and a top 10 in the Italian Fixed Gear Cup, we are underdogs no more. We have leaped our way from newcomers to a top scoring British Fixed Gear Team.

Even with a significant lack of funding we continue on the high, proving the team is a force to be reckoned with. Races of the 2019 season so far brought us several wins; we are the only team in the UK to have all four full time riders selected to represent National Teams: three riders for Team GB and one for Team Australia at the Fixed Nations Cup (World Championship) in France. Flying Britain’s national Flag, we took 6th place in the Super Final and 5th place in the Hill Climb solidifying our standing on the Global Racing Scene.

But those successes are only a part of our journey. While building on strength after strength in racing, we are simultaneously evolving One Life Cycle Artisan Werks into a socially responsible youth development and events organisation.

These elements are integrated into and work alongside the team with inclusion and diversity remaining at the forefront of what we’re doing; an organisation where the aims are not driven only by success in races, but heavily focused on mental and physical health, and all-round well-being of young people.

One Life Cycle Race Team was founded by former GB and Track World Cup Champion Germain Burton and Fixed Gear Racer Mathew Watson in 2016, primarily to race Fixed Gear Criteriums and to build a Cycling Community in and beyond London. Their visionary approach is rapidly growing on a global scale.

At the start of the 2019 season, the team merged with Artisan Werks, which has laid the strongest foundation yet for this and future seasons to come. Artisan Werks provides essential technical expertise, and most importantly – management skills with a structured long-term vision and the tools to bring our team to World Class Level.

Team Bio

Mat Watson
Georg Mew Jensen
James Ambrose-Parish
Sam Harding

Our Supporters



We can’t thank enough our current Sponsors and Partners.

The stronger the support – the stronger the team! 

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